2018 Spring Zone Agenda & Registration

2018-03-12 7:13:52 AM

As election season kicks into high gear, what is more important than wellness in the workplace and change management?

Please join us on Wednesday May 9, 2018 at the Atlas Tube Centre located at 447 Renaud Line, Lakeshore ON for informative and entertaining presentations from Kelly Spencer, Mindfulness Specialist and Peter de Jager, master of all things associated with change!

Peter de Jager provides the following information to augment his presentation:
   Navigating Change - A DIY guide: https://vimeo.com/253603390
   The 7 Questions of Change: https://vimeo.com/technobility/7changequestions
   All of his webinars/presentations, more that 100 of them, are stored at: www.vimeo.com/technobility