In-class AMCTO MAP Program

2017-10-30 3:59:13 PM

Hello Zone 7!

Do you struggle with the online delivery of AMCTO correspondence courses? Do you find it difficult to balance the course requirements with your busy professional and personal life? Do you wish you could take the AMCTO Municipal Administration Program (MAP) in-person, with a real-life instructor?

At our fantastic fall Zone 7 Meeting, AMCTO Director of Programs & Services, Craig Wellington, suggested that AMCTO could offer the four MAP units to our members in-class, in our Zone! This would allow participants to fast-track the program in 2018 and learn with an in-person instructor. There are typically four or five sessions per unit, so please consider your travel time as well.  North Bay is a consideration for a location, but if we prove sufficient interest we may be able to schedule multiple locations.

If you or your staff would be interested in taking the four units of the MAP program then please send me an email ( as soon as possible. Please also indicate where you would prefer to attend the training.

Thanks for your help!
Andrew Farnsworth
Zone 7 Vice Chair