Diploma in Municipal Administration (DMA)

DMA Honour Roll


Honour Roll - Diploma in Municipal Administration

Graduates who attain a final cumulative average of higher than 85% are recognized as Honour Roll students.

Congratulations to the following inductees from January 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021:

Carlie Bigras Dipl.M.A., Executive Coordinator, Municipality of French River
Christina Conklin Dipl.M.A., Deputy Clerk and Legislative Coordinator, United Counties of
Leeds and Grenville
Nicole Gale Dipl.M.A., Community Services Office Administrator, City of Dryden
Patricia Gerrior Dipl.M.A., Administrative Assistant, Public Works Dept, City of Hamilton
Lindsey Lee AOMC, Dipl.M.A., CAO/Clerk, Township of McNab/Braeside
Harkirat Singh Dipl.M.A., Dipl.M.M., City Councillor Wards 9,10, City of Brampton
Matthew Smale Dipl.M.A., Corporate Administrative Clerk, City of St. Thomas
Jason Boyer Dipl.M.A., Director, Community Services, Town of Cochrane
Morgan Dykstra Dipl.M.A., Public Works & Planning Services Coordinator, Town of St. Marys
Melanie Fortier Dipl.M.A., Treasurer, Town of Kapuskasing
Tonya Furtado Dipl.M.A., Corporate Services HR, County of Lambton
Darryl Gray Dipl.M.A., Director, Education and Training, Toronto Region Conservation Authority
Dragana Lee Dipl.M.A., Supervisor - Corporate Print and Mail Services, Town of Oakville
Patti Mueller Dipl.M.A., Deputy Clerk/By-Law & Administrative Coordinator, Village of Westport
Ashish Patel Dipl.M.A., , City of Timmins
Lynda Thornton Dipl.M.A., Tax Collector/Deputy Treasurer, Township of Zorra
Meghan Townsend Dipl.M.A., Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk-Treasurer, Town of Grand Valley
Renée Ainsworth AOMC, Dipl.M.A., Clerk, Township of Springwater
Todd Davis Dipl.M.A., Director of Planning and Development, Municipality of Port Hope
Crystal Fischer Dipl.M.A., Clerk/Treasurer, Townships of Head, Clara & Maria
Amanda Fusco AMP, Dipl.M.A., Director of Legislative Services/City Clerk, City of Kitchener
Jerri-Lynn Levitt Dipl.M.A., Manager of Corporate Services, Municipality of Grey Highlands
Dawn Morencie Dipl.M.A., Executive Assistant To The CAO/Mayor, Town of Amherstburg
Cayla Reimer AMP, Dipl.M.A., Committee Coordinator, Clerks Department, Township of Clearview
Katelyn Ronfeld Dipl.M.A., Public Works Administrative Assistant, Township of North Frontenac
George Zajac Dipl.M.A., Senior Project Manager, City of Hamilton
Christina Edwards-Scott Dipl.M.A., Executive Assistant, Corporate Services, City of Quinte West
Zachary Clark Dipl.M.A., Municipal Law Enforcement Officer, City of Oshawa 
Katherine Dortmans Dipl.M.A., Customer Service Representative, Municipality of Strathroy-Caradoc
Recipient of the Academic Excellence Award for the Diploma in Municipal Administration
Michelle Font Dipl.M.A., Quality Control Analyst, Licensing & By-Law Serv., City of Hamilton 
Tiffany Gardner Dipl.M.A., Supervisor, Licensing, City of Hamilton
Lindsey Green Dipl.M.A., Clerk, Township of Southgate
Maryse St-Pierre Dipl.M.A., Deputy Clerk, City of Clarence-Rockland
Melissa Dunham Dipl.M.A., IT Business Initiatives Coordinator, City of Hamilton
Lindsey Veltkamp Dipl.M.A., Director of Administration/Clerk, Town of Prescott
Heidi Ferguson Dipl.M.A., Deputy-Clerk/Economic Development Officer, Town of Northeastern
Manitoulin & Islands
Tracy MacDonald Dipl.M.A., Assistant Clerk, Corporate Services, Town of Orangeville
Julia Ricottone Dipl.M.A., Policy and Training Coordinator, City of Hamilton
Kim Rose Dipl.M.A., Exec Administrative Assistant, Municipality of East Ferris
Susan Moore Dipl.M.A., Treasurer/Deputy Clerk, Municipality of Shuniah
Katherine Alton Dipl.M.A., Public Services Executive Secretary, Municipality of Greenstone
Laura Bruni Dipl.M.A., Clerk Treasurer, Township of Gillies
Ann Carr Dipl.M.A., Public Works Manager, Township of Bonfield
Gwen Dombroski Dipl.M.M., Dipl.M.A., Deputy Clerk, Township of Madawaska Valley
Alexander Kelly Dipl.M.A., Director of Finance/Treasurer, Municipality of Centre Hastings
Casey Munro Dipl.M.A., Deputy Clerk, Municipality of Mississippi Mills
Tracy Palmer Dipl.M.A., Receptionist/Clerical Assistant, County of Lanark
Megan Turner Dipl.M.A., Community Partnerships Liaison, Haldimand County
Danielle Dunlop Dipl.M.A., Manager of Administration, EMS, County of Essex
Paula Parker Dipl.M.M., Dipl.M.A., Town Clerk, Town of Kingsville
Cheryl Rider Dipl.M.A., Supervisor of Finance, Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority
Lisa Hall Dipl.M.A., Deputy Clerk-Treasurer, Township of Faraday
Sarah Huskinson Dipl.M.A., CAO/Clerk, Township of North Glengarry

Congratulations to the following inductees from January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020:

Tim Brubacher, AMP, Dipl.M.A., Council/Committee Support Specialist, Regional Municipality of Waterloo
Lisa Campion, Dipl.M.A., Director of Legislative Services & Clerk, Town of Erin
Mandy Cannon, Dipl.M.A., Executive Assistant, Township of McNab/Braeside
Alvin Chan, Dipl.M.A., Manager, Legislative Approvals/Staging of Development, City of Hamilton and Recipient of the Academic Excellence Award for the Diploma in Municipal Administration
Erica Cole, Dipl.M.A., Administrative Assistant, Township of Perry
Rita Coughlin, Dipl.M.A., Zone 6
Cheryl Dupuis, Dipl.M.A., Law Clerk , Barker Willson Professional Corporation
Deborah Edoo, Dipl.M.A., Administrative Assistant, Planning & Dev., Town of Milton
Courtney Gallant, Dipl.M.A., Executive Assistant To The Mayor, City of Thunder Bay
Anne Gordon, Dipl.M.A., Deputy Clerk/Deputy Treasurer, Township of Amaranth
Megan Goss, Dipl.M.A., Zone 2
Elizabeth Hope, Dipl.M.A., Corporate Services Communications Coordinator, County of Peterborough
Oliver Jacob, BA, Dipl.M.A., Councillor, Township of McNab/Braeside
Sarah Johnson, Dipl.M.A., AMP, Junior Deputy Clerk, Municipality of Brockton
Shannon Johnson, Dipl.M.A., Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer, Township of Oro-Medonte
Craig Kelley, CMO, Dipl.M.M., Director of Development And Property, County of Renfrew
Melanie Knapp, Dipl.M.A., Zone 1
Devanne Kripp, Dipl.M.A., Deputy Clerk, Town of Lincoln
Sarah Macaulay, Dipl.M.A., Finance Assistant, Township of Guelph/Eramosa
Jillian Manser, Dipl.M.A., Law Clerk, City of Hamilton
Nicole Martin, Dipl.M.A., CAO/Clerk, Township of Amaranth
Donald McArthur, Dipl.M.A., Clerk-Administrator, Village of South River
Hannah Moore, Dipl.M.A., Deputy Clerk/Information Coordinator, County of Huron
Corrine Nauta, Dipl.M.A., Chief Building Official, County of Lambton
Lisa Nicoletta, Dipl.M.A., Zone 4 
Roger Ramkissoon, Dipl.M.M., Dipl.M.A., Chief Financial Officer, Cobourg Police Services
Suzanne Renon, Dipl.M.A., Public Works Coordinator, County of Huron
Tawnya Robertson, Dipl.M.A., Clerical Financial Assistant, Town of Minto
Triestina Sorrenti, Dipl.M.A., Accounting & Budget Clerk, City of St. Catharines 
Peter Todd, Dipl.M.A., Town Clerk, Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake
Tracy Vader, Dipl.M.A., Treasurer, Township of Wollaston
Rebecca Vandenberk, Dipl.M.A., Executive Assistant, Corporate Services, Town of Plympton-Wyoming
Kerstin Vroom, CMO, Dipl.M.A., CAO/Clerk, Municipality of Magnetawan
Heather Wrightly, Dipl.M.A., Customer Service & Support Assistant, Eastern Ontario Regional Network
Madison Zuppa, Dipl.M.A., Deputy City Clerk, City of Sault Ste. Marie

Congratulations to the following inductees from January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019:

Jennifer Alexander, Dipl.M.A., Manager of Legislative Services/Deputy Clerk, Town of Tecumseh
Jannette Amini, AOMC, CMO, Dipl.M.M., Dipl.M.A., Manager of Legislative Services/Clerk, County of Frontenac
Chelsea Carpenter, Dipl.M.A., Administrative Assistant, Public Works, Municipality of Trent Lakes
Ashley Carter, Dipl.M.A., Clerk, Township of Perth East
Jessie Clark, Dipl.M.A., Director of Corporate Services/Clerk, Municipality of Trent Lakes
Jennifer Errington, Dipl.M.A., Planner, Clerks Assistant, Township of Laird
Nellie Evans, Dipl.M.A., Administrative Assistant, Municipality of Bluewater
June Gallagher, Dipl.M.A., Deputy Clerk, Municipality of Clarington
Katherine Hebert, Dipl.M.A., Council Services, Administrative Assistant, County of Essex
Joanne Hyde, CMO, AOMC, Dipl.M.A., Clerk, Township of Cramahe
Sarah Ivins, Dipl.M.A., Planner, Township of Wainfleet
Stephanie Kuca, Dipl.M.A., Deputy Treasurer, Township of South Frontenac
Meaghan Larocque, Dipl.M.A., Communications & Marketing Coordinator, Township of Selwyn
Raylene Martell, Dipl.M.M., Dipl.M.A., Director of Leg Services/Municipal Clerk, Municipality of Grey Highlands
Syed Ali Mehdi, Dipl.M.A., Finance & Administrative Officer, College of Naturopaths of Ontario
Alison Merkley, Dipl.M.A., Deputy Clerk, Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley
Carla Preston, Dipl.M.A., CMO, Clerk, Municipality of West Perth
Mirna Raponi, Dipl.M.A., Supervisor of Accounting and Financial Reporting, City of Cambridge
Karla Sampson, Dipl.M.A., Executive Assistant To The CAO & Warden, County of Peterborough
Kari Stevenson, Dipl.M.A., Deputy Clerk, County of Peterborough
Thomas C. Thayer, Dipl.M.A., CMO, Manager of Legislative Services/Deputy Clerk, Municipality of Trent Hills
Selene Tudini, Dipl.M.A., Building Services Analyst, City of Niagara Falls and Recipient of the Academic Excellence Award for the Diploma in Municipal Administration
Kasey Whitwell, Dipl.M.A., Administrative Coordinator, Norfolk County

Past Recipients