Diploma in Municipal Administration (DMA)

DMA Honour Roll


Honour Roll - Diploma in Municipal Administration

Graduates who attain a final cumulative average of higher than 85% are recognized as Honour Roll students.

Congratulations to the following inductees from January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020:

  • Tim Brubacher, AMP, Dipl.M.A., Council/Committee Support Specialist, Regional Municipality of Waterloo
  • Lisa Campion, Dipl.M.A., Director of Legislative Services & Clerk, Town of Erin
  • Mandy Cannon, Dipl.M.A., Executive Assistant, Township of McNab/Braeside
  • Alvin Chan, Dipl.M.A., Manager, Legislative Approvals/Staging of Development, City of Hamilton and Recipient of the Academic Excellence Award for the Diploma in Municipal Administration
  • Erica Cole, Dipl.M.A., Administrative Assistant, Township of Perry
  • Rita Coughlin, Dipl.M.A., Zone 6
  • Cheryl Dupuis, Dipl.M.A., Law Clerk , Barker Willson Professional Corporation
  • Deborah Edoo, Dipl.M.A., Administrative Assistant, Planning & Dev., Town of Milton
  • Courtney Gallant, Dipl.M.A., Executive Assistant To The Mayor, City of Thunder Bay
  • Anne Gordon, Dipl.M.A., Deputy Clerk/Deputy Treasurer, Township of Amaranth
  • Megan Goss, Dipl.M.A., Zone 2
  • Elizabeth Hope, Dipl.M.A., Corporate Services Communications Coordinator, County of Peterborough
  • Oliver Jacob, BA, Dipl.M.A., Councillor, Township of McNab/Braeside
  • Sarah Johnson, Dipl.M.A., AMP, Junior Deputy Clerk, Municipality of Brockton
  • Shannon Johnson, Dipl.M.A., Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer, Township of Oro-Medonte
  • Craig Kelley, CMO, Dipl.M.M., Director of Development And Property, County of Renfrew
  • Melanie Knapp, Dipl.M.A., Zone 1
  • Devanne Kripp, Dipl.M.A., Deputy Clerk, Town of Lincoln
  • Sarah Macaulay, Dipl.M.A., Finance Assistant, Township of Guelph/Eramosa
  • Jillian Manser, Dipl.M.A., Law Clerk, City of Hamilton
  • Nicole Martin, Dipl.M.A., CAO/Clerk, Township of Amaranth
  • Donald McArthur, Dipl.M.A., Clerk-Administrator, Village of South River
  • Hannah Moore, Dipl.M.A., Deputy Clerk/Information Coordinator, County of Huron
  • Corrine Nauta, Dipl.M.A., Chief Building Official, County of Lambton
  • Lisa Nicoletta, Dipl.M.A., Zone 4 
  • Roger Ramkissoon, Dipl.M.M., Dipl.M.A., Chief Financial Officer, Cobourg Police Services
  • Suzanne Renon, Dipl.M.A., Public Works Coordinator, County of Huron
  • Tawnya Robertson, Dipl.M.A., Clerical Financial Assistant, Town of Minto
  • Triestina Sorrenti, Dipl.M.A., Accounting & Budget Clerk, City of St. Catharines 
  • Peter Todd, Dipl.M.A., Town Clerk, Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake
  • Tracy Vader, Dipl.M.A., Treasurer, Township of Wollaston
  • Rebecca Vandenberk, Dipl.M.A., Executive Assistant, Corporate Services, Town of Plympton-Wyoming
  • Kerstin Vroom, CMO, Dipl.M.A., CAO/Clerk, Municipality of Magnetawan
  • Heather Wrightly, Dipl.M.A., Customer Service & Support Assistant, Eastern Ontario Regional Network
  • Madison Zuppa, Dipl.M.A., Deputy City Clerk, City of Sault Ste. Marie

Congratulations to the following inductees from January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019:

  • Jennifer Alexander, Dipl.M.A., Manager of Legislative Services/Deputy Clerk, Town of Tecumseh
  • Jannette Amini, AOMC, CMO, Dipl.M.M., Dipl.M.A., Manager of Legislative Services/Clerk, County of Frontenac
  • Chelsea Carpenter, Dipl.M.A., Administrative Assistant, Public Works, Municipality of Trent Lakes
  • Ashley Carter, Dipl.M.A., Clerk, Township of Perth East
  • Jessie Clark, Dipl.M.A., Director of Corporate Services/Clerk, Municipality of Trent Lakes
  • Jennifer Errington, Dipl.M.A., Planner, Clerks Assistant, Township of Laird
  • Nellie Evans, Dipl.M.A., Administrative Assistant, Municipality of Bluewater
  • June Gallagher, Dipl.M.A., Deputy Clerk, Municipality of Clarington
  • Katherine Hebert, Dipl.M.A., Council Services, Administrative Assistant, County of Essex
  • Joanne Hyde, CMO, AOMC, Dipl.M.A., Clerk, Township of Cramahe
  • Sarah Ivins, Dipl.M.A., Planner, Township of Wainfleet
  • Stephanie Kuca, Dipl.M.A., Deputy Treasurer, Township of South Frontenac
  • Meaghan Larocque, Dipl.M.A., Communications & Marketing Coordinator, Township of Selwyn
  • Raylene Martell, Dipl.M.M., Dipl.M.A., Director of Leg Services/Municipal Clerk, Municipality of Grey Highlands
  • Syed Ali Mehdi, Dipl.M.A., Finance & Administrative Officer, College of Naturopaths of Ontario
  • Alison Merkley, Dipl.M.A., Deputy Clerk, Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley
  • Carla Preston, Dipl.M.A., CMO, Clerk, Municipality of West Perth
  • Mirna Raponi, Dipl.M.A., Supervisor of Accounting and Financial Reporting, City of Cambridge
  • Karla Sampson, Dipl.M.A., Executive Assistant To The CAO & Warden, County of Peterborough
  • Kari Stevenson, Dipl.M.A., Deputy Clerk, County of Peterborough
  • Thomas C. Thayer, Dipl.M.A., CMO, Manager of Legislative Services/Deputy Clerk, Municipality of Trent Hills
  • Selene Tudini, Dipl.M.A., Building Services Analyst, City of Niagara Falls and Recipient of the Academic Excellence Award for the Diploma in Municipal Administration
  • Kasey Whitwell, Dipl.M.A., Administrative Coordinator, Norfolk County

Past Recipients