Diploma in Municipal Administration (DMA)

DMA Honour Roll


Honour Roll - Diploma in Municipal Administration

Graduates of AMCTO's diploma programs, who attain a final cumulative average of higher than 85%, will be placed on the AMCTO Honour Roll. 

Congratulations to the following inductees from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018:

Shelley Brown, Dipl. M.A.,  Deputy Clerk, Town of Essex
Emmie Carlson , Dipl. M.A., Payroll/Benefits Coordinator, Township of Clearview
Erica Cavanagh, Dipl. M.A.,  Revenue Coordinator/Accounting Assistant, Township of Selwyn
Dale Chipman, Dipl. M.A.,  Manager, Events, Corporate Serv., Law Society of Ontario
Katrina  DiGiovanni, Dipl. M.A.,  Planning Clerk, Town of Amherstburg
Crystal Gray, Dipl. M.A.,  Deputy Clerk-Treasurer, Township of Chapple
Julie Gregoire, Dipl. M.A.,  Tax, AR / AP & Lottery Licensing Clerk, City of Temiskaming Shores
Annette Helmig, Dipl. M.A.,  Agreement And Development Coordinator, Norfolk County and
Recipient of the Academic Excellence Award for the Diploma in Municipal Administration
Anne Kmyta, Dipl. M.A.,  Clerk-Treasurer, Township of McGarry
Nina Lecic, Dipl. M.A., Deputy Clerk, Township of Puslinch
Lauri Leduc, Dipl. M.A.,  Deputy Clerk, Municipality of West Perth
Jenna McCartney, Dipl. M.A.,  Deputy Clerk, Town of Saint Marys
Karen McIsaac, Dipl. M.A.,  City Clerk, City of North Bay
Tara Mieske, Dipl. M.A., Clerk/Planning Manager, Township of North Frontenac
Laura Nelson, Dipl. M.A.,  Executive Assistant To The Mayor & CAO, Town of Milton
Linda Nimako, Dipl. M.A.,  Appeals/Registration Officer, City of Hamilton
Aaron Robinson, Dipl. M.A.,  Data Centre Clerk, City of Hamilton
Geoff Romanowski, Dipl. M.A.,  Supervisor of Planning Development Approvals, Town of Ajax
Nicole Rubli, Dipl. M.A.,  Manager Lisencing & Enforcement, Town of Amherstburg
Lianne Sauter, Dipl. M.A.,  Director of Corporate Services, Town of Bancroft
Patrick Silvestro, Dipl. M.A.,  Deputy Clerk, Municipality of Brighton
Victoria Steele, Dipl. M.A.,  Community Engagement Coordinator, Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake
Kirsten Stevenson, Dipl. M.A.,  Administrative Assistant To The City Clerk, City of Cambridge
Elaine Taylor, Dipl. M.A.,  Treasurer, County of Haliburton
Tracey Tiersma, Dipl. M.A.,  Corporate Customer Service Rep, St. Thomas
Margaret Wilton-Siegel, Dipl. M.A., Deputy Clerk, Municipality of Meaford

Congratulations to the following inductees from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017:

Stacey Blair, Dipl M.A., Deputy Clerk Town of Carleton Place
C. Sarah Brislin, Dipl M.A., Committee Services Coordinator Town of Georgina
Shelley Brown, Dipl M.A.,  Financial Analyst Town of Essex
Emmie Carlson, Dipl M.A.,  Payroll and Benefits Co-Ordinator, Finance Township of Clearview
Laura Davis, Dipl M.A., Council-Committee Coordinator City of Oshawa
Stacy Dedlow, Dipl M.A., Executive Assistant. Public Works & Environmental Services City of Quinte West
Andrew Drouillard, Dipl M.A., Executive Initiatives Coordinator City of Windsor
Sheena Earl, Dipl M.A.,  Deputy Clerk United Counties of Leeds and Grenville
Sasha Helmkay, Dipl M.A., Records Management Coordinator Township of Clearview and
recipient of the Academic Excellence Award for the Diploma in Municipal Administration
Lisa Higgs, Dipl M.A., CAO/Clerk/Deputy Treasurer Township of Southwold
Lauri Leduc, Dipl M.A., Legislative Coordinator City of Hamilton
Karen McIsaac, Dipl M.A., City Clerk City of North Bay
Tara Mieske, Dipl M.A., Clerk/Planning Manager Township of North Frontenac
Michele Moore, Dipl M.A., HR Generalist/Deputy Clerk County of Haliburton
Linda Nimako, Dipl M.A., Appeals/Registration Officer City of Hamilton
Jeremy Rody, Dipl M.A., Clerk Township of Assiginack
Nicole Rubli, Dipl M.A., Manager, Licensing & Enforcement Town of Amherstburg
Patrick Silvestro, Dipl M.A., Zone 3
Michelle Starnes, Dipl M.A., Legal Assistant Regional Municipality of York
Elaine Taylor, Dipl M.A., Treasurer County of Haliburton
Tracey Tiersma, Dipl M.A., Corporate Customer Service Assistant City of St. Thomas
Matthew Townsend, Dipl M.A., Captain, Fire Department Town of Milton
Suzanne Walton, Dipl M.A., Director of Legislative Services/Clerk Township of Tiny
Margaret Wilton-Siegel, Dipl M.A., Deputy Clerk Municipality of Meaford