Executive Diploma in Municipal Management



The curriculum of this Diploma distills management needs into 19 curricular sessions that are offered in a modular structure. Each curricular module is in the form of a one-day workshop, led by a subject matter expert.

The Executive Diploma in Municipal Management Program is comprised of 19 workshops held over two Terms, followed by a research report submission, which forms the basis by which participants in the EDMM are evaluated.

Workshop Descriptions

Public Sector Trends

(2-Day Workshop, Program Requisite)*


Organizational Behaviour, Strategic Management and Leadership

(2-Day Workshop, Program Requisite)*


Organizational Financial Management, Integrity and Controllership

(2-Day Workshop, Program Requisite)*


Corporate Performance Measurement and Service Delivery Improvement

(2-Day Workshop, Program Requisite)*


Public Consultations and Citizen Engagement

(Program Requisite*)


Intergovernmental Relations for Municipal Managers

(Program Requisite)*


Human Resources Law and Labour Relations

(2-Day Workshop)*


Staff-Council Relations

(Program Requisite)*


Succession Planning and Personnel Change Management



Communication and Media Relations in the Digital Age


Building Business Cases


Communication and Listening Skills for Municipal Managers


Staff Performance Management

Policy Formulation, Implementation and Evaluation


Public-Private Partnerships


Project and Portfolio Management