Executive Diploma in Municipal Management

EDMM Honour Roll


Honour Roll - Executive Diploma in Municipal Managment

Graduates of the AMCTO's diploma programs, who attain a final cumulative average of higher than 85%, will be placed on the AMCTO Honour Roll.

Congratulations to the following inductees from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020

Becky Lala, Dipl.M.M., Manager Social Assistance Services, City of Brantford, Recipient of the Academic Excellence Award for the Executive Diploma in Municipal Management
Joel Watts, Dipl.M.M., Deputy Clerk, Legislative Services, City of Kawartha Lakes, Recipient of the Academic Excellence Award for the Executive Diploma in Municipal Management
Rebecca Mustard, Dipl.M.M., Manager, Economic Development, City of Kawartha Lakes
Jennifer Elliott, Dipl.M.M., Senior Project Manager - Environmental Services, City of Brantford
Jennifer Fraser-Lee, Dipl.M.M., Access and Privacy Officer Regional, Municipality of York
Lesley Gibson, Dipl.M.M., Labour Relations Officer, City of Kawartha Lakes
Ben Mulholland, Dipl.M.M., Communications Advisor, Corporate Communications, Corporate Services Regional Municipality of York
Justin Chevrier, Dipl.M.M., Supervisor, Network Services and Client Support, City of Kawartha Lakes
Andrea Coyne, Dipl.M.M., Manager, Elections, Policy, Print Services, Town of Oakville
Launa Macey, Dipl.M.M., Supervisor, Financial Services, City of Kawartha Lakes
Julie Kirkelos, Dipl.M.M., Town Clerk, Director of Legislative Services, Town of Lincoln
Sara Munroe, Dipl.M.M., Manager of Tourism, Culture and Sports, City of Brantford
Tasha Dressler, Dipl.M.M., Manager, Program Support Services, City of Brantford
Cristal Laanstra, Dipl.M.M., Planning Coordinator, County of Prince Edward
Tara Mieske, Dipl.M.M., Clerk/Planning Manager, Township of North Frontenac
Cheri Davidson, Dipl.M.M., Manager, Communications, Advertising and Marketing, City of Kawartha Lakes
Evan Read, Dipl.M.M., Manager, Elections and Special Projects, City of Vaughan
Sam Bono, Dipl.M.M., Roads Operations Supervisor, Haldimand County
Leanne Brannigan, Dipl.M.M., Advisor, Regional Municipality of Peel