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Municipal Administration Program (MAP)


Municipal Administration Program (MAP)

For 60 years, MAP has been providing the foundation that municipal professionals need in order to cope with the challenges and complexities of the rapidly evolving municipal environment. This program consists of 4 units of study and MAP is a stand-a-lone Certificate Program, however, it is also one element of AMCTO's Diploma in Municipal Administration (DMA) and one pre-requisite for applying for AMCTO's Accreditation Programs (CMO or AMP).

Each year, AMCTO presents an award of excellence to the student who attains the highest cumulative mark upon completion of the four units of this program.

The AMCTO Board of Directors has approved the granting of exemptions for Units of MAP to graduates of relevant courses of study from accredited Canadian Universities - MAP Equivalency Assessment Application form.

Registration is open from July 2nd to Aug. 10th for the Fall Term correspondence-online courses that will run from September to December 2018. Spaces are guaranteed for anyone who registers on or before August 10th. Once your registration is processed, you will receive a confirmation email within 3 business days that will include the link to materials and details for your specific course.

MAP Unit 1 - Introduction to Local Government

Briefly traces the historical evolution of local government in Ontario, its adaptations to the pressures of growth and change, and the complex inter-governmental - and international - world in which local governments now operate. The rest of the unit mostly focuses on analyzing the external structure of local government.

MAP Unit 2 - Municipal Administrative Structure

Focuses on the internal structure and organization of local government in Ontario, the ever-challenging relations between councilors and staff, and the municipal policy-making process. It concludes with an introduction to the nature of municipal management that sets the tone for the remaining two units of the program.

MAP Unit 3 - Municipal Financial Management

Examines financial management in local government. The discussion covers the changes and trends in municipal expenditures and revenues. It also explains the general nature and features of municipal accounting as well as evaluates the changing nature of municipal financial reporting requirements. the unit includes topics such as accountability for public funds, tax and non-tax revenue sources, operating and capital expenditures, and asset management.


MAP Unit 4 - Management in the Municipality

Surveys many facets of management, including the management of people, resources and information. It concludes with a lesson on the potential strategic management for aligning a municipality and its resources to confront and address unfolding challenges (of the sort described in the first lesson of the program) - thus bringing us full circle.

Correspondence-Online Tuition Fees

All course materials are provided online including the unit textbook
Fee for each unit with PDF version of textbook is $401.15 (355.00 + 46.15 HST #R106732936)
Fee for each unit with PDF and Hardcopy of textbook is $440.70 (355.00 + 35.00 + 50.70 HST #R106732936)
Note: Hardcopy textbook will be shipped after registration closes.

Registration forms can be found on the Assignment Schedule page.

Challenging a MAP Unit

Applicants must have a minimum of 5-years related municipal experience in a senior supervisory role and/or courses to receive approval to challenge any unit of MAP. Challenging any unit of MAP is an opportunity to receive credit for a specific MAP Unit without submitting assignments. Approved applicants will be required to submit a paper and write an exam for each unit. An overall minimum passing grade of 70% must be attained to gain credit for the specific MAP Unit you are challenging.

Challenge Fee with PDF version of textbook: $254.25 per unit (225.00 + 29.25 HST #R106732936)
Challenge Fee with PDF and Hardcopy of textbook: $293.80 per unit (225.00 + 35.00 + 33.80 HST #R106732936)

Those who meet the minimum requirements mentioned above and are interested in applying to challenge any MAP Unit, submit the MAP Challenge Application to Rosita Bourke.


Refund Policy: A student who cancels from any Unit before the first scheduled assignment due date is entitled to a partial refund of fees less a refund levy of $113.00 (includes HST). In order to receive the partial refund, you must submit written notice of your cancellation to Rosita Bourke. No refunds will be granted for cancellations received after the first scheduled assignment due date. A student cannot transfer their registration or payment to a later date. No returns accepted or no refunds for the hard copy textbook.