An Open Letter to Ontario Municipal Councils

2021-02-17 10:19:17 PM

February 18, 2021


Dear Council,
As a vital municipal association with membership roots that reach deep into each and every part of Ontario, we know the challenges you have faced in continuing to provide essential municipal services within your community during the COVID-19 pandemic.
As elected officials, we know that you recognize the contribution made by your municipal staff, many of whom are members of AMCTO. Municipal professionals across this entire province have been at the forefront of service delivery, applying their knowledge and skills to innovate processes and procedures to meet the evolving needs of residents and businesses. 
One key point that is often overlooked in this pandemic is that many municipal staff were prepared to act and innovate BECAUSE of the professional municipal training and development they receive from organizations like AMCTO. The leadership skills, education and technical training prepare your staff in getting ahead of immediate community needs, reacting and responding to new challenges brought on by COVID-19. This unique and sought-after skillset has allowed your staff to provide council with options and solutions for keeping your municipality running.
In these challenging financial times, there will be temptation to divert operational funding away from staff training budgets. Now more than ever, it is crucial that municipalities continue to invest in your most valuable resource – your staff.
In addition to increased levels of employee retention, engagement and empowerment, investments in staff professional development strengthens your council’s ability to provide reliable, effective and efficient services to your community, both today and in the future. The question is no longer “if” you innovate but “when”. Innovation comes with knowledge, training, and exposing municipal staff to new opportunities to grow and develop professionally.
On behalf of AMCTO and its over 2,200 members, please accept my heartfelt thank you for your service during these difficult times. As “Municipal Experts”, AMCTO will continue to be at your service to help you and your staff meet the needs of your community.

Robert Tremblay, MPA, CMO, AOMC
CC: Graydon Smith, President, AMO