The Ethics Advisory Committee is here to support you

2020-12-09 9:13:52 AM

As an AMCTO member you have access to a wide variety of benefits and resources to support you in your career. This includes support when it comes to difficult decision-making and ethical dilemmas.
An important part of being an AMCTO member is being able to connect and network with like-minded peers in the public sector who share similar values and experiences. The AMCTO Code of Ethics & Values provides members with a guideline for acceptable professional standards that serves to raise the overall quality of work within the Ontario Municipal sector. As a member, you have made a commitment to uphold these tenets and values in order to grow the profession in a way that enshrines the trust of the public, elected officials and colleagues. 
The AMCTO Ethics Advisory Committee serves to support fellow members in adhering to this Code and is available to answer questions, provide feedback and advice on ethical matters.
As an association, AMCTO’s goal is to develop a community-centric membership focused on providing the highest quality of professional service to Ontario municipalities. As such, we encourage all members to reach out to the Ethics Advisory Committee at any time should they have questions or concerns when it comes to ethical issues or adhering to the AMCTO Code of Ethics & Values.
To reach the Ethics Advisory Committee, please email, we will respond as quickly as possible. Please note that feedback from the committee is not meant to replace any legal advice that might be warranted in your specific situation.
As we look ahead to the new year, we are reflecting on important lessons learned and ways the pandemic has provided us with opportunities to envision a better world and chart forward new ideas and initiatives. We hope this Code reminds you of the important support network you’re a part of as an AMCTO member and inspires you to continue all of the good work you’re doing to serve your community.