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An exclusive matching opportunity for registered employers and AMCTO retired members, student members, and members in transition.  

Targeted Employment Matching & Resume Posting 

We are pleased to offer the Member Employment Marketing Service as an opportunity for members who are currently in transition or retired to market their services to municipalities, or other organizations that work with the public sector.

Changing dynamics within the municipal sector is increasing the need for more flexible employment. Increasingly, demands for specialized or project-specific expertise is sought-after along with filling short-term vacancies. This presents a unique opportunity for retired municipal professionals or other AMCTO members in transition to lend their unique skill set to meet today's evolving sector demands. We are proud to offer the following matching and résumé posting service so that skilled individuals can step in seamlessly to new roles and opportunities in the sector.

For Job Seekers

Posting a Profile:

The Member Employment Marketing Service is available to members in the ‘Retired or Student Member’ categories as well as members in transition who are not currently employed on a full-time basis. Registration for this service is FREE for those eligible. 

You will be provided with secure access to create a personal profile that will be searchable by prospective employers. You can manage your personal profile to be matched for compatible short-term, part-time, full time, project, or consulting opportunities. 

Please note that only employers registered with AMCTO will be able to search contact you directly for opportunities.

For Employers

Searching Through Profiles:

Search for knowledgeable, experienced municipal professionals for your short-term, part-time, full-time, temporary project, or consulting needs.

Registered employers will be able to:

  • Search for skilled candidates based on the qualifications and preferences provided in their profiles.

  • Invite matching candidates to apply for and submit their résumés for relevant job opportunities.

Registration for this valuable matching service is FREE for employers.