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The Accredited Ontario Municipal Clerk (AOMC) certifies a clerk on their education, experience and professional contributions. This professional designation establishes a professional standard that ensures the clerk's profession remains relevant and attractive through a commitment to continuous learning and development. The municipal clerk is one of two statutory roles required for each Ontario municipality.

The AOMC designation establishes a high standard by promoting the unique value, elements and professional requirements for municipal clerks in Ontario. These duties require strong leadership, organizational, political and legislative knowledge in order to effectively manage services, policy processes and various matters of legislative compliance with elected officials.


To apply for the AOMC Program you need the following:

  1. To be a current member of AMCTO in good standing; and
  2. To be currently employed as a clerk or deputy clerk in Ontario with a minimum of three (3) years full-time experience (note: other job titles accepted if duties align).

Applicants are encouraged to review the AOMC Program Manual or to contact AMCTO Accreditation at accreditation@amcto.com

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Registering for the AOMC:


Preparing your AOMC Submission:


The AOMC Review Process:

  • AMCTO staff will review your submission and evidence against the AOMC Scoring System - View the AOMC Scoring Chart
  • If you acquire enough points, you will be recommended for approval
  • Granting of the designation by the AMCTO Board of Directors at their next meeting


Maintenance of Designation Process:


AOMC Testimonials

"Achieving the AOMC designation was both a personal and professional milestone that simultaneously strengthens the role of the clerk and my own career. Completing the application provided a great opportunity for self-reflection and it was relatively straightforward, with great support from AMCTO staff. "

- Lianne Sauter, Dipl.M.A., AOMC, Policy Advisor, Association of Municipalities of Ontario



AOMC Category Scoring:

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Professional Contributions

For Assistance

After reviewing the AOMC Manual, please feel free to contact AMCTO Accreditation at accreditation@amcto.com with any questions.

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