Resources & Publications

Providing valuable management and leadership resources and publications for Ontario's local government professionals.


A wide variety of publications and resources are available for members and those working in local government. These resoures focus on the advancement of local government management and leadership and seek to promote greater knowledge-mobilization for professionals in the municipal sector.


AMCTO Municipal Minute is an e-newsletter that provides a weekly round-up of local government news headlines and legislative updates of interest to professionals in the sector.

AMCTO Municipal Monitor is a quarterly print and digital magazine that includes long-form stories and interviews on municipal trending topics, leadership and management issues.


The AMCTO Ontario Municipal Directory is a comprehensive contact list spanning Ontario's 444 municipalities. It is produced collaboratively with members on an annual basis and is offered via subscription in print and digital formats.

The AMCTO Municipal Google Search Tool makes researching detailed municipal information easier and faster by using advanced search criteria like municipal size, zones and government regions.

The AMCTO Municipal Elections Calendar provides an overview of important key dates to support you in the important task of administering the upcoming 2022 Ontario municipal elections. Developed by members of our Elections Focus Group, this calendar represents the group’s best efforts to capture key requirements and considerations for the upcoming planning for municipal election administrators.

Considerations for Establishing Routine Disclosure and Active Dissemination provides an overview of the legislative context for Routine Disclosure and Active Dissemination, as well as considerations for the development of Routine Disclosure and Active Dissemination policies and plans from a municipal perspective.