Code of Ethics and Values


The Code of Ethics & Values represent the professional commitment each AMCTO member. 

Adopted in 2015, the AMCTO Code of Ethics and Values outline the key tenets that serve as a foundation and standard for all municipal professionals across Ontario to achieve.  Leadership in committing to the values outlined enables municipal professionals to deliver professional, objective and value laden service to the public and community. 

AMCTO members – through involvement with the association make a commitment to these ethical tenets in their behavior and decision-making in order to uphold the values of:

  • Service to the Community,
  • Supporting Elected Officials, and
  • Servicing the Municipal Profession.

AMCTO, as an association will make a commitment to ensuring that it builds upon the Code of Ethics & Values through on-going education, training and dialogue.  In doing so, each ethical tenet will be explored over time to ensure that awareness and guidance is available for ongoing professional growth.

To report any violations of AMCTO’s Code of Ethics & Values, please read Article X – Professional Conduct in AMCTO’s Constitution and By-Laws.

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