AMCTO Career Development Packages Launching this Fall

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We are proud to announce our AMCTO Career Development Packages (CDPs), a new end-to-end career skills offering for municipal professionals. These packages allow staff to obtain the necessary education and knowledge they need to succeed in an ever-changing municipal sector.

Our Career Development Packages are curated groups of AMCTO programs and services aimed at addressing individual skills gaps and preparing municipal professionals for career growth. Each package provides a defined pathway towards becoming a well-rounded and highly-skilled municipal professional, and includes fundamental programming and benefits:

  • AMCTO diploma & certificate-based education courses
  • Comprehensive professional development programs
  • Sector-recognized AMCTO accreditations
  • Enrollment in the AMCTO mentorship program
  • Annual AMCTO membership & related benefits


  • CDPs are offered at a 25% discount off the market rate annually for each package component
  • CDPs create a defined path for a "complete" municipal professional further strengthening your organization's talent pool
  • CDPs encourage municipal organizations to recognize employee/leadership development as part of succession planning
  • Enrollment in CDPs demonstrates employer commitment to employee growth and professional development

Learning Streams

CDPs are offered through three different streams, each tailored to municipal staff at different stages of their professional careers:

  • Early Career Stream: ideal for those who have recently started in the municipal sector
  • Legislative Stream: ideal for those in the clerk’s department looking to advance their career
  • Leadership Stream: ideal for those in or interested in a management role looking to enhance their leadership skills

Learn More

Applications for the Career Development Packages will open in September 2024, with programming beginning in January 2025. 

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Join us at 12:00pm ET on Thursday, August 15 for a virtual information session where we will share further details about each package or learning stream, program requirements, the application process and more.

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