Updates to our Code of Ethics & Values

Date Published

Since 2015, AMCTO’s Code of Ethics and Values has served as an important tool for AMCTO members. This tool has helped guide our members throughout their municipal careers by serving as a constant reminder of what it means to be a municipal professional and an AMCTO member.

To build upon this important tool, the AMCTO Board of Directors, through the hard work and dedication of the AMCTO Ethics Advisory Group, recently approved a set of updates to AMCTO’s Code of Ethics and Values, including the addition of guiding statements for each of the 12 tenets of the Code.

We believe that the new guiding statements will provide our members with greater clarity as to the meaning of each tenant, making it easier for members to apply the Code to their everyday work and their individual work environments.  

We want to thank those members, both past and present, who have contributed to the creation and evolution of AMCTO’s Code of Ethics and Values. We hope that you will find value in the updated Code and that it will assist and inspire you as municipal professionals.

Read our Updated Code of Ethics & Values