As an Association, we are committed to promoting and encouraging continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence in the municipal profession. We recognize the achievements of members and other municipal professionals through our annual awards program where dedication, hard work, commitment to the municipal sector, continuous learning, and professional development are celebrated.

Annual Awards Program

Receiving an AMCTO Award provides members and municipalities with opportunities to:

  • Be recognized by their peers in the municipal sector
  • Be recognized and acknowledged for their commitment to the Association, to municipal performance improvement, advancing the municipal profession in their respective roles and communities, their commitment to continuous learning, and professional development
  • Build their reputation as a trusted municipal and community leader
  • Enhance their municipality's image as an attractive community to live and work
  • Demonstrate to their residents the valuable work that is being done on their behalf
  • Share innovative ideas to benefit AMCTO members and the broader municipal sector

Explore our different awards below:

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