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Policy, Advocacy & Government Relations

As an influential voice for municipal professionals, AMCTO advocates for legislative, regulatory, policy and program changes to support our members in effectively serving their communities. We focus on progressive movement through actionable steps to grow and advance the Association's advocacy and policy work.

Building our Agenda

The AMCTO Legislative and Policy Advisory Committee was established to assist with policy analysis and developing policy-related programming, developing formal government submissions and recommendations, and advancing advocacy issues. The committee is comprised of members in good standing with varying municipal leadership and management experience.

Issue Profile

The AMCTO Issue Profile is the set of objectives and policy statements on areas of interest for our members and as approved by the Board of Directors, that specify the ideal solutions AMCTO would like to see from a public policy and advocacy perspective.

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Actioning Member Interests

In support of the advocacy goals within the 2022-2026 AMCTO Strategic Plan, AMCTO’s policy and government relations portfolio has four objectives to achieve over the next four years:

  1. Serve as a conduit for municipal research in partnership with academics and other research-based institutions.
  2. Support policy development and capacity-building within the sector through established evidence-based policy positions.
  3. Strengthen the Association’s impact on public policy through coalitions and collaboration.
  4. Enhance the Association’s reputation as an influential, go-to expert partner for technical advice for government and municipal staff.
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