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AMCTO Issue Profile

The AMCTO Issue Profile is the set of objectives and policy statements on areas of interest for our members and approved by the Board of Directors, that specify the ideal solutions we would like to see from a public policy and advocacy perspective.  

The Issue Profile: 

  • Scopes subject areas that AMCTO will respond to – either proactively or reactively while providing staff with the flexibility to fill gaps and articulate new positions on emerging issues 
  • Directs AMCTO staff in evaluating advocacy and policy opportunities within the municipal landscape 
  • Catalogues for the record, the Association's existing policy positions at both a broad and more technical level to assist with continued strategy development, knowledge transfer and succession planning 

This Issue Profile provides members with a clear process for providing input and feedback, tracking and updating important Association policy and advocacy work while looking forward to future areas of interest.  

Policy statements and the overall profile will be reviewed at least every four years or earlier if recommended by the AMCTO Legislative and Policy Advisory Committee (LPAC) and directed by the Board to ensure our policy positions remain relevant and responsive to member needs and the current political environment

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In addition to the proactive policy work directed by these priorities, we have also articulated advocacy principles that will guide how we respond to proposals put forward by the provincial and federal governments. 

Click on the buttons below to learn more about each of our advocacy principles and related issue areas: 

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