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Since 1938 we have supported members throughout every step of their municipal careers — from those just starting out in the sector, to mid-level managers, to those transitioning into new roles and leadership positions, to senior executives and seasoned veterans — we provide the education and professional development, resources, tools, and network you need to succeed.

"AMCTO is a fantastic organization that supports municipal leaders in developing their skills and knowledge as they grow in their municipal careers."

- Rob Adams, MPA
President, Town Hall Consulting
Former Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville 
Former Mayor, Town of Orangeville

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Why Choose a Career in Local Government?

Every day local governments work hard to make life happen. From taking care of necessities like roads, waste, and water, to creating diverse arts, culture, and tourism experiences, to finding innovative solutions to tomorrow’s challenges, local government professionals are change-makers and community builders. If you are an innovator, a social entrepreneur, or someone who wants to make a difference, a career in local government may be the perfect opportunity!

A career in local government can be extremely rewarding and allow you to:

  • Make a difference in your community through meaningful and challenging work
  • Experience different roles and dynamic work environments that are constantly evolving to meet the needs of communities and their residents 
  • Build an impactful career, travel, live, and work in new places with lots of available and open positions across the province 
  • Try new things while working on small and large-scale projects with multi-disciplinary teams 
  • Build a comfortable lifestyle while earning competitive pay and retirement savings, access to benefits, flexible work, and a solid pension plan

"I love local government as it is all things to all people. I enjoy the fast-paced environment, the variety of the work, and the relationship-building opportunities — whether one-on-one with residents or with community organizations and businesses. The landscape is continually changing and unlocking the potential in yourself, your department, and your municipality as a whole, has never been timelier. Regardless of what each day brings, it is rewarding." 

- Catalina Blumenberg
Clerk, Prince Edward County

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