Environmental Registry Posting: Regulatory proposal under the Electricity Act, 1998

Under the Electricity Act, 1998
Consultation Timeline: October 17, 2022 – December 1, 2022 (45 days)
Ministry: Ministry of Energy

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The Ministry of Energy is proposing amendments to O.Reg. 507/18 (Broader Public Sector (BPS): Energy Reporting and Conservation and Demand Management Plans) made under the Electricity Act, 1998.

The proposed amendments would streamline reporting and tracking of energy use by moving required energy reporting from the current SharePoint 2013 platform (that has reached the end of its life) to the widely used ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager electronic reporting system.

Further changes would: allow reporting of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions data on the previous calendar year (as opposed to the current two years prior scenario); phase in reporting to the previous year with 2023 requiring reporting for one year (2021 energy data) and 2024 requiring reporting for two years (2022 and 2023 energy data); and updating prescriptive elements of the regulation.

Should the amendments be approved, they would be implemented in 2023.

AMCTO will be reviewing the proposal for potential member interest.