FCM's Vision for Canada's Recovery

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) has released their vision for Canada’s recovery with recommendations for the 44th Parliament. The document, Partners for Canada’s Recovery, offers non-partisan local solutions to tackle some of Canada’s biggest challenges including:

  • Tackling the housing affordability crisis through prioritizing the launch of the Housing Accelerator Fund, preserving rental supply, protecting residents from renoviction, and scaling up the Rapid Housing Initiative and building on the Reaching Home program;
  • Focusing on rural communities to ensure that recovery happens everywhere by investing in rural broadband, growing infrastructure tools such as the Canada Community-Building Fund and focusing on other rural priorities such as disaster mitigation, regional bus services and financially sustainable policing; and
  • Accelerating climate action through scaling up investments in disaster mitigation projects, natural infrastructure and local adaptation capacity, and building upon federal investments such as the Green Municipal Fund.

FCM is also calling upon federal leadership to help municipalities work towards recovery such as providing emergency funding to transit systems that continue to face pandemic-induced revenue shortfalls.

Partners for Canada’s Recovery