Government Announces 2024 Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund

The Government announced Friday that it will be continuing to provide $500 million of funding through the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund (OMPF) to 390 municipalities in 2024. Consistent with prior years, Transitional Assistance ensures that municipalities in northern Ontario receive at least 90% of their 2023 OMPF allocation and municipalities in southern Ontario receive at least 85%.

While we are appreciative that the Government has continued to announce OMPF allocations in the fall, single-year announcements do not replace the benefit of multi-year allocations which would allow municipalities to plan for the long term. As municipalities’ expenses rise, the overall envelope for the OMPF has remained at $500 million since 2020. We will continue to advocate for predictable long-term funding supports that are reflective of the value and cost of the services municipalities are expected to deliver.