New Electronic Death Registration System

To address inefficiencies in the current manual-based death registration process, the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS) is working on a new Electronic Death Registration (EDR) system.

The changes introduced by the new system will impact all user groups including municipalities as well as funeral homes, medical communities, and cemeteries and crematoriums.

The project will:

  • Update the Medical Certificate of Death (Form 16), Coroner’s Warrant to Bury and Statement of Death (Form 15) forms to be digitalized into electronic forms;
  • Enable electronic data validation on forms and corroboration between Form 16 and Form 15;
  • Provide users with secure, login access to a web portal with data entry and submission capabilities; and
  • Electronically generate and deliver the Acknowledgement of Registration of Death and Burial Permit to Funeral Homes.

The Electronic Death Registration system is expected to be available for use this winter, with instructional and training sessions with all users provided by MGCS.

Electronic Death Registration (EDR) Newsletter