Regulatory Registry Posting: A Regulation to Prescribe Entities Under the Seniors Active Living Centres Act, 2017 (SALCA)

Under the Seniors Active Living Centres Act, 2017 (SALCA)

Consultation Timeline: February 5, 2024 – March 22, 2024 (46 days)

Ministry: Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility

The Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility is seeking input on a proposed regulation to add organizations that can cost-share Senior Active Living Centres (SALCs) with operators and municipalities.

Ontario is investing over $15M starting in 2024-2025 to support 316 SALC programs aimed at promoting the engagement, health, and well-being of older Ontarians.

At present, there are no prescribed entities and all the cost-sharing (20%) is provided by municipalities to SALC operators in municipalities. Note, that municipalities may be SALC operators.

Proposed prescribed entities to support cost-sharing for SALC operators, operating in a municipality or outside of a municipality:

  • Non-Profit corporations
  • Registered charities
  • Indigenous communities and organizations
  • Local Services Boards (LSBs)

The proposed regulation, if approved, will enable more types of organizations to provide the cost-sharing contribution required under the SALCA, and may alleviate the pressure on municipalities to provide 20% of a SALC program's operating costs. The proposed changes do not increase or decrease regulatory burdens. Where a municipality is a SALC operator, it is required by the province to provide financial reports through the provincial Financial Information Return (FIR) system.

The Ministry is seeking comments until March 22, 2024 with particular interest in the scope of proposed entities, such as any additional entities that would be beneficial to include, and impacts the proposal may have on existing SALC operators.

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