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Network & Community

Connecting Local Government Professionals

We pride ourselves in building a community of municipal experts. Our members have access to a wide range of member benefits and resources to keep them connected — to one another and to current issues within the sector. As a large community of professionals working in different areas across local government, AMCTO members represent a growing demographic of influential community builders and key decision-makers.

AMCTO Zones provide geographical connectivity to allow members to connect regionally on matters of common interest. AMCTO Zone meetings are held in the Spring and Fall. 

Peer Networking is a valuable way to continue to grow and develop professionally — AMCTO offers both members and non-members opportunities to network and connect year-round through in-person and virtual events, professional development programs, education courses, Forums, volunteer programs and more.

The AMCTO Mentorship Program is a formal program for members to be paired as mentees and mentors for a year-long period where they can connect to exchange ideas, talk through common goals and challenges, and learn from each other. We provide the platform and support to facilitate interaction, and pairs decide how they want to focus the mentorship program activity. 

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