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Employment Law & Human Resources

The Employment Law and Human Resources (HR) Program provides a foundation in the legal framework for human resource management in Ontario. The program also addresses organizational planning strategies related to job design, compensation, recruitment, training and development, and performance management.

HR can be taken on its own or as part of our Diploma in Municipal Administration (DMA).

Registration Information

Number of Sessions: 3
Wed, Sep 13 2023, 10 - 11am
Wed, Sep 27 2023, 9am - 3pm
Thu, Sep 28 2023, 10am - 3pm

Registration status: CLOSED
Registration is closed for the September cohort but spaces are still available for the November cohort. Otherwise, registration will open December 1 for the Winter/…

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Number of Sessions: 3
Wed, Nov 15 2023, 10 - 11am
Wed, Nov 29 2023, 9am - 3pm
Thu, Nov 30 2023, 10am - 3pm

Registration status: OPEN
Few spaces left. Registration will remain open until October 17, unless class reaches capacity beforehand. 

Please note:

  • Attendance is required. Please confirm you are available for all classes prior to registering.
  • This program includes videos and readings that…
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