Professional Accreditation Programs

AMCTO Designations

Our sector-leading professional accreditation program raises the bar of Ontario municipal excellence by advancing the profession and showcasing members' municipal expertise. AMCTO designations reflect members' commitment to the profession and aim to inspire those who are early-on in their municipal careers to continue to take part in lifelong learning and professional development. 

The Certified Municipal Officer (CMO) is cemented as the leading management and leadership designation in the municipal sector. The Accredited Municipal Professional (AMP) provides a non-management designation, and the Accredited Ontario Municipal Clerk (AOMC) designation raises the calibre of the clerk's profession and recognizes its significance to municipal administration in Ontario. Our Competency Framework outlines the necessary requirements of each designation.

Certified Municipal Officer (CMO)

Ontario's only municipal designation mapping onto eight specific management and leadership competencies - addresses the broad range of what is required to be a successful local government manager and leader. Geared toward municipal executives and progressive middle-to-senior managers.

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Accredited Municipal Professional (AMP)

A tiered designation of the CMO that provides municipal professionals in non-management roles an opportunity to demonstrate their expertise. Geared to new professionals and non-management staff in local government.

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Accredited Ontario Municipal Clerk (AOMC)

Certifies the core education, experience and professional contributions required to be an accredited municipal clerk in Ontario. Achieved through points-based assessment and a demonstrated commitment to continuous learning, the AOMC establishes a professional standard that ensures the clerk's profession remains relevant and attractive.

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