Corporate Training

Bring High-Quality Workshops In-House

Our corporate training allows you to train employees directly, as part of a focused learning and team-building opportunity. We have a number of relevant corporate training workshops available, taught by quality instructors with various public and private sector experience.

How Does it Work?

You identify the topic from our list of available workshops below and then we'll match you with a skilled instructor. Together, we'll work collaboratively to ensure the training addresses your specific needs while meeting your overall training budget. Training can be delivered either in-person or virtually and is booked on a first-come, first-served basis.

Benefits of Corporate Training


"The training provided us with the tools to update our practices according to current industry trends while simplifying our board reporting process. The presenter was energetic, well prepared and made the training experience enjoyable for our entire team."

"The training had good content and flow, and AMCTO did a great job on the facilitation. The instructor did a wonderful job and was very engaging."

"The delivery was clear and progressed at a good pace. The instructor clearly has hands-on experience in the field, which is highly valuable when teaching a subject. Breaks were well timed and the registration process was smooth."

"It is nice to have a training session taught by someone who clearly has worked in the field for years — not just studied it. The instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful — just great!"

Available Workshops

We offer a variety of training workshops that are designed to meet the needs of busy municipal professionals, public and private sector organizations.

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