Code of Ethics & Values


AMCTO Code of Ethics & Values  

Adopted in 2015, the Code outlines key tenets for ethical conduct and behavior for municipal managers and leaders. AMCTO members have made a commitment to uphold these tenets and values in order to grow the profession in a way that enshrines the trust of the public, elected officials and their colleagues. 

The code is broken down into 3 sets of values and 12 ethical tenets:

Service to the Community

  • Promote community well-being 

  • Engage the community in decision-making 

  • Deliver public services effectively and efficiently 

  • Protect the legacy of future generations 

  • Protect confidential information

Supporting Elected Officials

  • Deliver objective advice to elected officials 

  • Serve elected councils in a dutiful manner 

  • Maintain political neutrality 

  • Protect the concept of a merit-based public service

Servicing the Municipal Profession

  • Maintain professionalism, integrity and trust 

  • Demonstrate commitment to professional development 

  • Develop future municipal professionals

To support members, professional growth and ethical advancement, AMCTO is committed to on-going education, training and dialogue.

AMCTO Code of Ethics & Values Webinar