Mentorship Program


Latest News

AMCTO’s 2020-21 Mentorship Program is now closed.

The fourth year of the AMCTO Mentorship Program is expected to start shortly as AMCTO staff finalize the matching for all mentors and mentees who applied into the program for this coming year. 

About the AMCTO Mentorship Program 

The mentorship program formally connects individuals to build productive relationships that are development oriented by facilitating the opportunity to learn and connect with others outside of their respective organizations. 

While it is well recognized that there is benefit from professional advice and encouragement, we believe these opportunities are often few and far between.  Furthermore, initial AMCTO research and outreach indicated that there remains a degree of healthy skepticism as to the tangible and intangible benefits mentorship can have irrespective of where one might be in their career.

Therefore, we are keen to encourage members to consider this program as a commitment to their own professional development. For more information on how the program can assist you, please learn more about the program and its various aspects by reviewing the resources made available by the association, most notably the AMCTO Mentorship Progam Handbook. 

Annual Program Timeline

Open for Applications                              June

Matching for the Program                        July - August

Mentoring Relationships Develop            September – May

Program Ends                                          End of May