AMCTO represents excellence in local government management and leadership


The “Go To” organization in fostering and sustaining excellence in municipal management and administration.


To offer leadership, direction and service to the municipal sector in Ontario through education, member services and advocacy.


AMCTO represents excellence in local government management and leadership. AMCTO has provided education, accreditation, leadership, and management expertise for Ontario’s municipal professionals for over (75) years. With almost 2,200 members working in municipalities across Ontario, AMCTO is Ontario’s largest voluntary association of local government staff, and the leading professional development organization for municipal professionals.

AMCTO is known as 'The Municipal Experts' because of the breadth of expertise and knowledge of its members across a range of municipal operation areas and legislative issues.

AMCTO is recognized as an influential voice for local government professionals regarding key management and legislative issues affecting the sector.

The Association continues to grow and to search out new opportunities to provide municipal professionals with the tools they need to succeed in the continually evolving municipal environment.

AMCTO Strategic Documents

 2016 Annual Report

 2017 AGM Materials

 Adapt and Grow Stronger 2013-2017 Strategic Plan

 AMCTO Constitution

 Definition of Practice for Municipal Management