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The Certified Municipal Officer program is Ontario's premier designation for municipal managers and leaders. You can become a CMO today and stand out from your peers by demonstrating you are an accomplished municipal management professional.

Today's ever evolving municipal environment demands management professionals possess diverse skills, knowledge, visionary leadership, and problem solving ability. The CMO represents that type of professional as it maps onto and accredits the core skills, knowledge and expertise required to be a successful local government leader.


The CMO validates your knowledge of local government management, your professional readiness and your commitment to career-long learning and ethical practice. The CMO is the leading local government designation in Ontario and is available exclusively from AMCTO. Completion and approval confers the right to use the initials CMO after your name.


To apply for the CMO Program you need the following:

  1. Be a member of AMCTO in good standing,
  2. Be employed by a municipality (or related organization) with at least three (3) years of municipal management/leadership experience, and
  3. Have completed the AMCTO Municipal Administration (MAP) Program or an acceptable equivalent. If not, are you eligible for an equivalency assessment?

If you want to learn more about the CMO, consult with our CMO Program Manual or speak with an AMCTO staff member today.

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Registering for the CMO:


Preparing your CMO Submission


The CMO Review Proces

  • 3 CMO Reviewers independently review your submission
  • If you meet the threshold of 85% approval from 2/3 reviewers, you will be recommended for approval
  • Granting of the Designation by the Board of Directors at their next meeting


Maintenance of Designation Process


CMO Testimonials

"My recent completion of the CMO program and achievement of my CMO designation is by far my crowning education and professional achievement to date. I found the process and completion of the requirements provided me with a greater personal insight, understanding and appreciation for the professional attributes attained throughout my career."

- Sheridan L. Graham, CMO, Director, Corporate Projects & Services, County of Peterborough

"By obtaining my CMO, I know I am in a class of astute professionals that have clearly demonstrated both working and practical knowledge in all areas of municipal government."

- Michael Galloway, CMO, Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Caledon

"The CMO designation is unquestionably the premier qualification for senior municipal officers in local government. While the requirements are extensive and extremely relevant; the process inspired a thorough self-reflection of my leadership and management achievements garnered over my municipal career. "

- Shellee Fournier, CMO, Dipl.M.A., Chief Administrative Officer/Human Resources, Town of Gananoque

"Preparing my CMO applications was the best personal reflection exercise I have ever done. I have never before taken the time to review my career accomplishments. It proved to be very self-fulfilling"

- Amy Vickery-Menard, CMO Clerk-Treasurer, Township of Armstrong

"The CMO demonstrates a culmination of your municipal governance skills and qualities developed to date, and signifiies that you are committed to a career of continual education and self improvement to the benefit of yourself and your municipality."

- Paul J. Shipway, CMO, Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk, Municipality of Bayham

CMO Competency Requirements:

In order to be granted the CMO designation, you must be able to demonstrate applied knowledge and skills in 8 areas of competency, using municipal experience and examples:

  • Municipal Operations
  • Communication
  • Service Delivery
  • Government Relations & Citizen Engagement
  • Strategic & Organizational Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Financial Management
  • Leadership

For Assistance

After reading the CMO Manual, feel free to contact Nikki Gaudon, Accreditation Coordinator with any further inquiries:


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